Eventide H9 Core Harmonizer (Pre-Owned)

Eventide H9 Core Harmonizer (Pre-Owned)

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A very tidy example of the industry leading Eventide H9 Core, in it's box with all it's accessories. Couple of minor chips here and there. Treat yourself to a piece of pedal history.

The Eventide H9 Harmonizer was the answer to the long asked question of why there wasn't an Eventide unit that combined all four of their fabled 'factor' pedals into one ever made. Combining the four factor pedals in one unit would always make patch creation a complicated affair with so much flexibility a very rich graphical interface would be be needed. In the light of this Eventide took advantage of the rich graphical interface many musicians already own, such as iPhones and iPads, which saw the H9 function perfectly well as a standalone (and patches created and downloaded via USB) piece of equipment. There's something magical in being able to whip out your iOS device and manipulate the patch on the H9 wirelessly!

The H9 seperates out all of the algorithms from the Factor pedals and makes them all available to purchase so you can pick and choose the wilder ones, while the most popular 16 algorithms are pre loaded

Key Features:

  • A lower-cost entry point to the wonderful world of Eventide stompbox effects, and H9 exclusive effects.
  • Ideal for existing H9 owners who want to cost-effectively expand their collection (up to 5 x H9’s can share same account).
  • Astonishing multi-effects, fully editable via Front Panel
  • MIDI hardware
  • Free PC/Mac Editor
  • Free iOS Editor.