Behringer TP300 Ultra Tremolo / Pan

Behringer TP300 Ultra Tremolo / Pan

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An ultra rare Behringer TP300 Ultra Tremolo Pan in near mint condition, and in full working order. It's a clone of the Boss PN-2, but far superior in many ways. Grab a super interesting and highly sought after tremolo with tons of features, and full stereo operating ability!

Much cheaper and just a great as any other example on the market.


Put the heartbeat back into your playing with the ULTRA TREMOLO/ PAN TP300 stereo effects pedal. Unleash a rotating speaker vibe, vintage rock mojo – or create a new feel all your own via the dedicated Depth, Rate and Mode controls. You can even patch the TP300 into the Insert connection of your PA mixer for unbelievable vocal effects!

Best of Both Worlds

Tremolo – the rhythmic fall and rise of volume, is one of the oldest effects ever applied to musical instruments. Pan – the shifting of the sound signal from the left to the right, is one of the most common psychoacoustic phenomena used in classic, as well as modern stereo recordings. Now you can add both of these awesome effects to your rig with a single pedal, the incredible TP300.

So Easy to Use

Use the dedicated Depth and Rate controls to create a hypnotic pulse, then select from two unique types each, of Tremolo or Pan. The status LED tells you when the TP300 is on, and the Rate LED shows the speed by blinking in time with the effect. With its dual Inputs and Outputs, you can take advantage of a true stereo pan that’s guaranteed to dazzle your audience.