Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry (Pre-Owned)

Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry (Pre-Owned)

Collision Devices
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A superb example of the superb Black Hole Symmetry from Collision Devices. A couple of minor sinks to the paint work here and there, but working faultlessly. Fuzz, pitch shifted reverb and delay all in one glorious box. Gorgeous design, built like a tank.

Collision Devices' Black Hole Symmetry pedal is designed to represent the audio and visual aspect of a black hole! The French company are well aware that there's no sound in the vacuum of space, so they imagined the feelings you'd experience if confronted (or even sucked into) one. By combining delay, reverb and fuzz into one futuristic-looking stompbox, the Black Hole Symmetry delivers a plethora of otherworldly sounds that range from immersive decaying pulses, to shimmering interstellar ambience and even chaotic, universe-ending distortion!

Key Features

  • Modulated delay (Ergosphere), pitch-shifted spatial reverb (Event Horizon) and "destruction" fuzz (Singularity) effects — all in one pedal!
  • The three effects can be used separately or together, for lush layered soundscapes.
  • Designed, assembled, tested and numbered by hand in Collision Devices' workshop in France.
  • Can be powered by most high-quality pedal power supplies, with modest 9V/250mA requirements.

Ergosphere — Modulated Delay

The BHS' Ergosphere modulated delay effect offers an incredible amount of versatility. With multiple sound-shaping controls, five on the front panel and a trimmer inside, you can dial-in anything from a simple echo to a self-oscillating scream that'll evoke thoughts of a doomed star being sucked into oblivion. Here are the controls for the delay section:

  • Mix: Controls the amount of wet signal. Can be as a loud as the dry signal.
  • Time: Affects the length of time between each repetition (from 0s to 1s). Signal becomes more "lo-fi" as the time is increased.
  • Feedback: Allows you to control the number of repetitions.
  • Speed: Influences the speed of the main oscillator which modulates the repetitions (0.1 to 20 Hz).
  • Modulation: Controls the proportion of modulation in the delay signal.
  • Trimmer: Affects speed of the triangle oscillator.

Event Horizon — Spatial Reverb

The event horizon is the "point of no return" in a black hole; space becomes distorted and time escapes your grasp. The Black Hole Symmetry's reverb section aims to imitate that almost incomprehensible feeling. A DSP modifies the pitch of the input note while adding a high-pitched note on top. These are the reverb controls:

  • Mix: Affects the proportion of wet signal in the mix.
  • Pitch: Allows you to shift the pitch of the note, up to a fifth.
  • Radiancy: Controls the amount of pitch-shifting effects audible in the echoed signal. Adds brightness.
  • Echo: Lets you control the echo time (maximum of 15s).

Singularity — Destruction Fuzz

If you want the Black Hole Symmetry to sound like it's imploding, just engage the Singularity fuzz section. With a spine-shaking amount of gain on tap, you can simulate "the end" when using the fuzz circuit in conjunction with the delay and reverb effects. The central 'Disintegrate' control is all you need!