JHS 3 Series Delay (Pre-Owned)

JHS 3 Series Delay (Pre-Owned)

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An immaculate JHS 3 Series Delay shipping in it's original box. Velcro on the base.

For solos or rhythm. Clean strums or dirty chugs. This pedal was designed for one purpose: to make your riffs sound better. Delay is one of the most beloved effects amongst guitarists worldwide, and for good reason. It makes riffs sound huge. The 3 Series delay uses an incredibly intuitive layout to deliver its ultra-dynamic delay effect. The delay time ranges from 80ms to 800ms, so you can really experiment with your music and find your ideal voicing. 

Then there's the Type toggle switch, which changes between an analogue and digital voicing. With this, you can completely change the tone of the delay - go from deep and dark to bright and clear in a heartbeat. And that's it - a universe of delay options contained in one, neat, intuitive pedal. Whether recording or playing live, it'll excel.


  • Model Name: JHS Pedals 3 Series Delay
  • PC: JHS_3 Series Delay
  • Controls: Time, Repeats, Mix, Type Switch
  • I/O: Input, Output
  • Power: 9V DC