JHS Lucky Cat Delay in Pink (Pre-Owned)

JHS Lucky Cat Delay in Pink (Pre-Owned)

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A faultless example of the superb JHS Lucky Cat Delay in beautiful pink, shipping in it's original box.

The Lucky Cat is an updated, re-branded version of the classic JHS Pink Panther pedal! Taking this popular but extremely limited pedal's blueprint and updating it with cutting-edge digital tech, the Lucky Cat is a more-than-worthy addition to JHS' colourful line-up!

Digital Versatility

The first iteration of the Pink Panther and subsequent JHS delay pedals have delivered pure analogue bucket brigade delay sounds. Although this satisfied the purists, this new version uses full digital processing to give you the most versatile delay sounds in a single compact pedal.

The Lucky Cat takes inspiration from some iconic digital delay units of the past, to deliver sounds that only digital can do. However, the Digital/Tape switch still allows you to get your favourite old-school tape delay sounds - with sweet saturation and compression.

Plenty of Tonal Legroom

With multiple controls to let you sculpt your perfect delay sound, the standard mainstay delay controls are still featured - Time, Mix and Repeat. These allow you to set the delay speed, repeat level and number of echoes respectively, but the Lucky Cat also features some more unconventional controls to set it apart.

Dark Control

The Dark control lets you affect the brightness of the repeats. Fully cranked you get crystal clear repeats with no loss of fidelity, but turned further down the repeats darken to give you a more vintage delay character, perfect for lead playing.

Modulation Toggle

There is also the Modulation toggle switch, letting you get some chorus-laden delay repeats for a dreamier vibe. Position 1 gives you a subtle wash of modulation with a beautiful shimmer, with position 3 taking it one step further with a higher intensity. Place the switch in the middle to bypass the effect, if a pure unaffected delay sound is what you’re after.