Source Audio C4 Synth

Source Audio C4 Synth

Source Audio
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This is Source Audio's most audacious attempt at a guitar pedal yet; an uncanny recreation of a customisable modular synth in stompbox format. It takes Source Audio's knowledge of Eurorack setups and applies it to a pedal guitarists can explore at great depth. 

On the surface, this is a four dial pedal with a three-way switch - nothing too OTT. But when you dive into the Neuro Desktop Editor, things take a crazy turn. Tweak to your heart's content. You can even share your settings to a communal space and use other customised creations. If you're on the lookout for a new and expansive pedal to sink your creative teeth into, the C4 is that pedal.

Here's what Source Audio say about the C4 synth pedal:

Our engineering team, are back in the sound laboratory developing the next Source Audio effects pedal. This new endevour may be our most ambitious yet - it is a small footprint guitar/bass synthesizer pedal knows as the C4 Synth. 

On the surface, the C4 features a simple 4-knob interface and a choice of three guitar/bass synthesizer effects - just plug-in and submerge your instrument in a sea of swelling, buzzing, and swirling synth tones. If you want to take things to take things a bit further, we urge that you connect the C4 to our Neuro Desktop Editor (a free download for Mac and Windows) or Neuro Mobile App (a free download for iOS and Android). 

Neuro Desktop Editor

Inside the Neuro Editors you will find the tools to personally create your own retro-futuristic synthesizer tones. Use the C4’s collection of four parallel voices, three oscillator wave shapes, ten-plus envelope followers, twenty-plus modulating filters, distortion, tremolo, pitch shifting, intelligent harmonization, programmable sequencing and more to dial in that perfect tone.

Find it all, from the classic synth tones you've always wanted to replicate to those illusive abstracts you've imagined, but never actually heard. If you're short on time and/or patience, it's very easy to find tons of great sounds - simply  call up an effect from countless presets created by the Source Audio team or the growing legion of C4 users.

We at Source Audio cannot wait to hear the sounds y'all come up with for our exciting new pedal.