TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer - (Pre-Owned)

TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer - (Pre-Owned)

TC Electronic
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A mint condition example of the TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer, superb for infinite drones and gorgeous layers ambiences. One of my favourite recent pedal releases. Probably one of the first pre-owned ones on the market, in mint condition in it's original box. As far as I can tell, this is the only one on the market at the time of writing.

The name says it all. With Infinite on your board, you’ll be able to capture and sustain a moment in audio. If Ditto Looper is like the camera on your phone where you can loop a video sequence, Infinite is like the Polaroid for sound, allowing you to build amazing soundscapes and captivating moods whenever and wherever between now and forever. Instant sound snapshots so to speak!


  • Samples and sustains your guitar signal, creating an ambient pad to play over
  • Optional layering allows you to stack up multiple layers of sustained notes and chords to create amazing harmonies
  • Infinite mode can add and sustain an indefinite number of layers which gradually morph together
  • Integrated reverb and modulation can be paired with the sustain
  • Footswitch control can be set to latching or momentary
  • Built-in FX loop to add external effects to the sustain signal for expanded creativity
  • Simple controls to adjust sustain level, fade in and release/decay
  • 3 TonePrint slots for beaming and storing artist TonePrints
  • Connect to the free TonePrint app to access an expanded array of parameters and create your own custom TonePrints
  • Analog-dry-thru retains the integrity of your original signal


  • Inputs: 2 x 1/4" Jacks
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" Jacks
  • Power Source: PSU, 9V DC Centre-Negative
  • Current Draw: 100mA
  • Stereo
  • True Bypass
  • Analogue-dry-thru