Two Notes Torpedo Captor - 8 Ohm (Pre-Owned)
Two Notes Torpedo Captor - 8 Ohm (Pre-Owned)
Two Notes Torpedo Captor - 8 Ohm (Pre-Owned)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Two Notes Torpedo Captor - 8 Ohm (Pre-Owned)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Two Notes Torpedo Captor - 8 Ohm (Pre-Owned)

Two Notes Torpedo Captor - 8 Ohm (Pre-Owned)

Two Notes
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An immaculate example of the Two Notes Torpedo Captor 8 Ohm Version, in it’s original version in perfect working order.

The Torpedo Captor is an easy to use reactive Loadbox, perfect for unleashing a musician’s favourite valve/tube amplifier in a variety of modern applications and venues. Designed to be placed between an amplifier head and speaker cabinet or with a combo with amp/speaker connections, Captor can act as a power attenuator/cabinet simulator and is packed in a DI sized enclosure that features a complete set of connections.

It’s fair to say that most musicians are much more comfortable with the tone (and more importantly feel) that they get from their traditional analog tube amplifiers and effects pedals, than what they can achieve with fully digital modelling systems. However, capturing, recording, playing live or simply practicing at home with traditional amps etc. can create many issues: lack of time for adequate set up, limited gear availability, loud amplifiers you simply cannot play at the volume they need to be to perform at their best, having the right acoustics or simply having bulky, large and heavy speaker cabinets to carry.

The Two notes philosophy stands in one word, transparency. A guitarist’s tone must come from your instrument, your amp and cabinet – not from the electronics that we put between parts of your regular setup. Transparency is the key. The new Torpedo Captor series are the little brothers of our award-winning Torpedo Reload. An easy to use reactive Loadbox, Captor is perfect for unleashing your favourite tube amp in a variety of modern applications and venues. If you just require attenuation from your amp to your cab, Captor has you covered and if you just want an easy and modern way to record your tube amp, Captor is simply “load” and record. Attenuators are usually known for the negative impact they have on your tone in cases of tube amp attenuation. On the contrary, Two note’s Reactive-Active technology presents your amplifier with a consistent speaker’s impedance no matter what level of attenuation you’re at, and thus preserves the specific character of your amplifier.

Available in 4, 8 or 16 Ohms versions, Captor is capable in handling up to 100w RMS and has a built in analog speaker sim derived from the acclaimed Le Preamp series. Add a Torpedo C.A.B. with its large collection of IR Cab Sims for the ultimate live direct solution. Capturing a rich and dynamic sound for direct recording, live through a PA or with in-ear monitors has never been this easy, all without having to mic up a speaker by retaining the feel that only a real tube amp can provide. Used without a cabinet, it safely loads the amp in silent mode without any risk to the output tubes and electronics, as Captor to all intents and purposes feels and looks exactly like a speaker to the amplifier. However, the Torpedo Captor also features a direct speaker THRU or ATT output which sends either the full volume of the amp to the cabinet or with a fixed -20dB reactive attenuation, all without all of the usual sound and feel changing characteristics that most other attenuators are plagued with. With a balanced XLR active DI output, with selectable analog guitar or bass speaker simulation, as well as a balanced line output with adjustable output level and polarity switch, the Torpedo Captor allows use of your favourite amp at full potential, whether quietly at home, in the studio, or live. For recording though, Captor comes complete with the Torpedo Wall of Sound III plug-in to polish your raw tone and recordings and is supplied with 16 of the finest cab simulations available to get you started, allowing you to sculpt your own tone in the studio.


  • Safely loads any tube amp up to 100W
  • Speaker thru, 20dB attenuation or silent modes
  • Save space, weight and noise on stage, plus easy and fast recording
  • Use your favourite loud amp at a lower volume or completely silently
  • Free Wall Of Sound III plug-in (16 supplied virtual cabinets to get you started)
  • Available in 4, 8 or 16 Ohms models
  • Powered by 48V phantom power or optional PSU (9-24V DC - required only for the XLR DI output and speaker simulation)


  • Speaker Input: 1/4 Jack unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve)
  • Speaker Att: 1/4 Jack unbalanced (TS) – Attenuation: -20dB.
  • Speaker Thru: 1/4 Jack unbalanced (TS) – Directly connected to Speaker Input. Disconnects the loadbox when used.
  • Line Output: 1/4 Jack balanced (TRS) – Impedance: approx 1 kOhms – Without speaker simulation
  • DI Output: XLR balanced – Impedance: 600 Ohms – With or without speaker simulation