Ashdown PRO-FX Sub Harmonic Generator Pedal

Ashdown PRO-FX Sub Harmonic Generator Pedal

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Our SUB Harmonic Generator is simple and effective, with blend-able subs/cleans you can add a subtle fatness or go full out synth.

Introducing the all-new PRO FX 9 volt range of effects pedals designed for guitarists and bass players by guitarists and bass players. Designed and Engineered in the UK with Electronics Engineer Dave Green, Dave has been part of the team at Ashdown since around 2006 and has been behind many of our new products in terms of electronic design.

This range of pedals has been months in development and are some of our best sounding pedals we have ever designed. Taking from what we have learned from the market we wanted an affordable range of pedals distinctive in looks but most importantly characterful in tone and features.


  • Power: 9V (Negative Pin)
  • Current Draw: 30ma