Boss JB-2 Angry Driver Overdrive Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

Boss JB-2 Angry Driver Overdrive Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

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An immaculate boxed example of the extremely popular Boss JB-2 Angry Driver. A collaboration between pedal giants Boss and JHS, this has proved to be one of the most popular distortion pedals of recent years. 

The JB-2 is Boss' first collaboration pedal! They’ve teamed up with awesome the JHS Pedals to combine two of their best stompboxes into one sublime little unit. The JB-2 Angry Driver blends both the JHS Angry Charlie and Boss ' own BD-2 Blues Driver.

Everyone from pro guitarists to bedroom jammers are familiar with the biting tone of the Blues Driver, but you might be less in the know about the Angry Charlie. This searingly hot circuit captures the essence of a high-gain Marshall amp in a box. With both styles at your disposal, you have every flavour of classic, saturated tone to sculpt your unique sound.

Multiple Modes

The classic Boss chassis houses both circuits which can be accessed individually or stacked in two different ways. Run the BD-2 into the Angry Charlie or vise versa. You can access both circuits by using a remote Boss footswitch. Simply turn the knob on the far right of the pedal to the relevant setting.

Key Features

  • All-new overdrive pedal with massive tonal range, jointly developed by BOSS and JHS Pedals
  • Combines the voices of the BD-2 Blues Driver from BOSS and Angry Charlie from JHS Pedals
  • Three dual-concentric knobs provide independent drive, tone, and level control for each overdrive type
  • Mode selector for choosing individual overdrive types, two series connections for stacking, or parallel connection for unique new sounds
  • Also includes a mode for toggling between BOSS and JHS overdrives with the built-in pedal switch
  • Remote switch jack for controlling pedal modes and bypass from an optional footswitch or effects switching system
  • Multi-color LED indicator shows BOSS mode (blue), JHS mode (red), and both together (purple)