Boss KATANA GO Personal Guitar Headphone Amplifier - (Pre-Owned)

Boss KATANA GO Personal Guitar Headphone Amplifier - (Pre-Owned)

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An immaculate, boxed, hardly used example of the Boss KATANA GO Personal Guitar Headphone Amplifier.

Introducing the Boss KATANA:GO, a personal guitar amplifier that plugs directly into your guitar. Contained within this tiny amplifier is an expansive collection of highly regarded Boss Katana amplifiers, with the option of downloading and sharing your favourite patches on the BOSS Tone Exchange. Choose the exact tone you want with the simple-to-use interface on the organic EL display. In Guitar mode, there are 10 amplifier types and over 60 effects, and in Bass mode you have three amplifier types also with over 60 effects – a truly wide range of tonal options just for you.

For its small size and the sheer amount of tonal soundscape contained within the KATANA:GO, guitar practice has never been so simple.

Key Features

  • A Sound Library at your Fingertips - Tap into BOSS’s expansive Katana guitar tone ecosystem anywhere! Wirelessly edit, organize, and download tones with the BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Simple Interface - Easy-to-use controls for guitar volume and Bluetooth audio playback.
  • Built-In Tuner – Tune on-the-go with the quick-access BOSS Chromatic Tuner.
  • Stage Feel – The KATANA:GO has a built-in “Stage Feel” headphone option to transport you to stage, and changes the soundscape for that authentic stage feel.
  • Directly Record Your Audio – Play & record audio directly into a DAW via USB-C using a PC or Smartphone, making your recording setup much simpler.
  • Live Stream! - Feel like streaming? Directly stream audio and edit those sounds via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Recharge - Recharge with ease with the included cable.

Personal Sounds to Take Anywhere

This powerhouse headphone amp puts authentic sounds from the stage-class Katana amp series at your instrument’s output jack, paired with a host of wireless music streaming, sound editing, and learning tools on your smartphone.

Choose between 5 Guitar & 3 Bass amp types with EQ, Gain & Volume just to get you started. The KATANA:GO is compatible with virtually any electric guitar or bass – just plug in and play.

Change & Adapt your practice routines with Powerful Session Tools

Along with its editing features, the BOSS Tone Studio app comes with integrated tools to supercharge daily practice with suggested YouTube video content. You can create song lists for easy access and loop sections of songs to make sure you nail the part! 

Stream Music & Take Center Stage

In addition to providing a wireless connection to BOSS Tone Studio, The KATANA:GO’s built-in Bluetooth lets you jam along with songs and backing tracks from your smartphone or tablet. In Stage mode, the streaming music plays from the backline along with your amp, putting you in a virtual band! Feel like you are on stage, delivering glorious tone to your loving audience with the Stage Feel setting on the Boss Katana App. Choose from Mode 1, Mode 2 and Custom, where you get to design the soundscape your way.

Boss the Tone Studio App

The official BOSS Tone Studio app is the perfect companion to the KATANA:GO with powerful tools for sound editing, memory organization, and YouTube practice. Plug into your favourite DAW and record directly making your set-up much simpler without the need of an audio interface. Wirelessly edit sounds and play along with music from your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Exchange on the Boss Tone Exchange

The Tone Platform is the place to download & share your favourite patches online with the Boss Tone Exchange platform and find new inspiring tones, making the tonal options on the KATANA:GO limitless, especially with Andertons having their own tones for you to use everyday.