Boss OC-3 Super Octave Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

Boss OC-3 Super Octave Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

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A very very today example of the superb, thunderous Boss OC-3 Super Octave Pedal. 

The world's first octave pedal design keeps getting better and better. The Boss OC-3 now comes packing three unique octave effects: Polyphonic Octave, a new distorted Drive mode and the classic OC-2 sound.

Picking up where the OC-2 left off, the OC-3's redesigned polyphonic abilities invites you to add chords to your octave-induced playing. Get incredibly creative with huge sounding compositions. Switch over to Drive mode to drizzle your tone in both distortion and octave. Perfect for lead playing styles. Boss know you loved the classic OC-2. Once again tap into the old school octave sounds - which match made in heaven for single note melodies.

Renowned Boss build quality

Boss pedals have a reputation for being built like tanks. You can be sure that however much you drop it, kick it, throw it and jump on it, it'll still come back for more. These pedals constantly survive the rigours of rock 'n' roll touring, and that's why they're seen at the feet of top touring pros everywhere.

Reliability really can be affordable to all. Boss are so sure their compact pedals last the test of time, they cover them with a full five year warranty.

Key Features

  • World’s first compact pedal with true Polyphonic Octave effects
  • New Drive mode adds distortion to octave notes for a fatter, more aggressive tone
  • Includes the original OC-2 mode, capable of producing notes one and two octaves down
  • Poly Octave effect adjustable to play within a specific note range
  • Bass input for adapting octave sound to bass guitars