Raygun FX Super Fuzz Boy (Game Boy Fuzz)

Raygun FX Super Fuzz Boy (Game Boy Fuzz)

Raygun FX
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RAYGUN FX Super Fuzz Boy is a nasty fuzz housed in an old Nintendo Game Boy original shell.

Super Fuzz Boy 2018 Updates:

  • Soft style footswitch –  soft touch, non-clicking switch, nicer to stomp!
  • New Screen – A Screen printed PCB now used as the Fuzz Boy’s face.
  • Updated Fuzz Circuit – Slightly updated Fuzz/distortion circuit.

Originally made as a one-off for fun, then after receiving so many emails about it, I decided to offer them for a limited time in short runs!


  • Vol and Fuzz controls
  • Soft Switch True Bypass
  • For Guitar, Bass, keyboard and anything else!
  • Game Boy Enclosure
  • 1/4 Jack Input and Outputs
  • Comes with Limited Edition ‘Super Fuzz Boy’ Game Cart (just for fun!)
  • 9v DC Powered  (no battery option)
  • Rubber Feet grips
  • Thick, meaty Fuzz
  • Hand-Made in the UK