Donner Beltway Loop Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

Donner Beltway Loop Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

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An immaculate, boxed example of the Donner Beltway Loop Pedal. A superb, well featured looper in a compact enclosure. 

Donner Beltway looper is a small and highly intuitive single footswitch looper pedal providing you simple and fun looping. Onboard USB jack and built-in memory is very convenient for saving your music creations.
The Beltway looper provides you simple and intuitive user experience.
Single footswitch provides you convenient looping operations, onboard effects gives you more musical creatives.

24-bit Recording and Playback
The Beltway looper offers you 24-bit high quality recording/playback and 32- bit signal processing that give you a pure lossless sound.

Type-C USB Jack
Use a USB cable to connect your Beltway looper to your computer to import/export loop phrases. Enter firmware upgrade mode,
Upgrade the firmware for a better experience.

3 playback modes
Selects from 3 playback modes:

1/2 Speed – 1/2 Speed playback
Normal – Normal playback
Reverse – Reversed playback
Note: you can’t record, overdub, undo/redo when the unit is not in Normal mode.

The Beltway looper supports unlimited overdubs. You can undo/redo your last recording by holding the footswitch after overdubbing.

Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
Current Consumption: 123mA
Dimensions: 132x64x45mm
Weight: 250g