Empress Echo System Delay Pedal

Empress Echo System Delay Pedal

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The Empress Echo System picks up where the Empress Vintage Modified Super Delay left off with loads of new features like stereo ins and outs as well as midi control and an expression input for controlling the delay swells.

As well as its 25+ modes giving you access to classic tape and analogue delays has 2 separate stereo delay engines that can be used separately. The pedal is highly modifiable off the bat but you can use the SD card input to upload any updates that Empress release on their website.

  • 12 ‘categories’ of sound (with sub-modes as well) on-board:
  • Digital
  • Tape
  • Analogue
  • Multi
  • Mod
  • Filter
  • Ambient
  • Delay + reverb
  • Dynamic
  • Reverse
  • Lo-Fi
  • Whisky

2 Engines running at once

This is an important point about the Empress Echo System because there are 2 different delay engines running at once, both in stereo and you can run them in series, in parallel or mono left and mono right depending on your setup for crazy, otherworldly delay sounds.



  • Delay Time/Ratio
  • Mix
  • Output
  • Feedback
  • tone
  • thing 1
  • thing 2


  • Tap
  • Scroll
  • Bypass


  • Power Input Connector: 2.1mm Barrel Connector
  • Power Input: Voltage 9V
  • Required Current: 300mA
  • Power supply not included