Eventide H9 Max Multi FX Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

Eventide H9 Max Multi FX Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

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A near mint example of the class leading Eventide H9 Max, a multi effects pedal that features in many of the most successful guitar player's pedalboards. Worth every penny. Ships in it's original box.

Eventide have been making some of the most popular modulation and time based effects for years but they have always been quite big and bulky so if you want their delay, reverb and harmonizer you needed a large board. The H9 fixed that by giving you a small two pedal footswitch that can run any of the algorithms from their most popular pedals. You can even choose what individual algorithms you want to purchase so you don't spend money on effects you don't need.

What if you do want everything though? That is where the Eventide Ha Max comes in. With this you have access to all 45 algorithms from the Space, TimeFactor, PitchFactor and Modfactor as well as the UltraTap Delay, Resonator and Compressor EQ. Don't worry when they release new algorithms and patches you can download them for free from the H9 software on PC or Mac.

Software or Hardware Controlled

Although you can control a lot of what you need with this pedal just using the front panel you can control everything live and in the moment with the companion iOS app, Mac or PC. The best part of this set up though is that you can create all of your own presets for your gig so when you playing you don't need to worry about the effects as they are all set up and ready to go. Whether you song requires deep spacious reverbs, various harmonies, incredible delays or beautiful modulation you just need the H9 to cover all of these needs and thanks to the iOS app you can adjust them all instantly.

TimeFactor Tape Type or More

The TimeFactor part of this pedal features 10 different delay effects including looper functionality. Eventide have been known to make some of the highest quality digital effects available in pedal form and cover pretty much any type of delay you will ever need including digital delay, tape echo, ducked delay, reverse delay, multitap and more. Just like the original TimeFactor that these effects come from you can control every little part of the delay either through the iOS, PC or Mac applications or through MIDI as well.

ModFactor Mad Modulation

Ok this is where it gets kind of crazy. The ModFactor was always known as your one stop shop for modulation effects so the H9 has been filled to the brim with an astronomical amount of effects. 4 types of chorus, 5 types of phaser, 4 types of wah, 5 types of flanger, 3 types of ModFilter, 2 types of rotary effects, 2 types of tremolo, 3 types of vibrato, 2 types of undulator and, 2 ringmod effects. WOW that is a long list. Just like all the other effects every little nuance can be controlled through the free applications available on iOS, PC and Mac or through MIDI.

PitchFactor Perfect Precise Pitch

Eventide's PitchFactor is most likely the pedal they are most famous for. This is the company that invented the harmonizer so when they release a new pedal focused just on that you know something great is about to happen. The 10 different algorithms from the PitchFactor are all part of the H9 Max so now you can harmonize, octave, pitch shift with up to 1.5 seconds of digital delay in a compact white box.

Space Sizable Sounds

Although most reverb you will hear day to day is quite laid back and not that large sometimes you just need to go all out. That is where the Space algorithms come into a world of their own. Yes it can still do your normal Room, Plate, Spring and Hall reverbs that you need in a live and studio setting but it also has modes like the Blackhole and MangledVerb. These are the effects that you may not use on every track but as soon as you turn it on everyone will notice it.


Analog Input/Output

  • Input impedance: 600K ohms (mono or stereo)
  • Output Impedance: 470 ohms
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10K ohms or greater


  • Input 1 (mono): ¼ inch mono phone jack
  • Input 2: ¼ inch mono phone jack
  • Output 1 (mono):   ¼ inch mono phone jack
  • Output 2: ¼ inch mono phone jack
  • Expression Pedal: ¼ inch stereo phone jack
  • Mini USB: Use 2.0 cables only
  • MIDI In: Five pin DIN (Female)
  • MIDI Out/Thru: Five pin DIN (Female)
  • AC Adapter Jack: Power Supply included


  • Power: 9 VDC, 500 mA, center pin (+)
  • Dimensions: English: 5.25" (H) x 4.65" (W) x 1.96" (D)
  • Metric: 133 (H) x 118 (W) x 50 (D) mm
  • Weight: 1.53 lbs, 0.7kG