Fender Shields Blender Fuzz Pedal

Fender Shields Blender Fuzz Pedal

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The new Fender Shields Blender Fuzz Pedal gives you that incredible tone of the original ‘70s fuzz stompbox using the vintage specs and circuitry of Shields’ own Fuzz Pedal. Made famous for its dynamic response and incredible fuzz impact, the Fender Blender fuzz gives you that legendary tone as well as an injected subversive feature set that defines this historic collaboration to bring you a wall shaking fuzz pedal.

The Blender is built upon Shields’ vintage circuit from his personal, original fuzz pedal, that has been carefully hand traced. Fender have developed innovative and new ways to be able to control the blending of the fuzz voicing with four easy to use footswitches.

You can control the channels of fuzz through two-footswitches that have their own dedicated controls giving you the ability to blend the fuzz voices with clean tones or crank up that fuzz for some beefy suboctave fuzz to recreate Shields’ iconic sound. The sag footswitch offers you the ability to experiment, introducing sputtering and ducking effects to create your own entirely unique sound controlled by the intensity of you playing style.

Key Features

  • Vintage Fender Circuitry – Hand traced original circuit from Kevin Shields’ personal fuzz pedal provides that earth shattering fuzz tone.
  • Custom ‘70s Top-Mounted Jacks – Easy to integrate into your pedal board and to travel around with due to the roadworthy chassis and superb build quality.
  • Innovatively Experimental – The sag footswitch has been developed for you to experiment with new and unique tones that dynamically responds to how you play combined with your chosen fuzz voicing.



  • Input Impedance: 100kω
  • Output Impedance: 15kω
  • Power Consumption: 80ma
  • Power Requirements: 9-V Battery or 9V AC Adapter (not included)