Raygun FX Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Modulation Pedal

Raygun FX Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Modulation Pedal

Raygun FX
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An entirely beautiful sounding modulation pedal inside this gorgeous, mad hand made enclosure. Comes with external foot switch for pedalboard usage.

The Ghostbusters Ghosty Trap is a custom made enclosure, with our Ghosty Modulation Effect inside.

Being a big Ghostbusters fan, I wanted to make a pedal dedicated to the awesome Ghost Trap! I liked the idea of having the pedal work from the external foot switch and to make it look like Egons’ hand-built Ghost trap. I also managed to keep in an enclosure that wasn’t huge!


  • One-off Fx Pedal.
  • Soft-Switch True Bypass.
  • Ghostbusters Ghost Trap style enclosure.
  • RATE and DEPTH controls.
  • External Foot switch control, connected by a mono Jack Patch – Both are included.
  • On board Bypass toggle switch to use without external foot switch.
  • 9v 200ma Center Negative Power required.
  • Hand-name in the UK.