GigRig G3 Atom Advanced Pedal Switching System - (Pre-Owned)

GigRig G3 Atom Advanced Pedal Switching System - (Pre-Owned)

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A near immaculate, hardly used (1 month old from new) example of the GigRig G3 Atom, in its original box with all box candy. It's literally never left its previous owner's studio. A few minor marks around the back where cables have been input to the switcher, but functionally immaculate. The top side is flawless! Skip the queues and buy one NOW and for cheaper than new. It's the definition of a win win folks!

The GigRig are major pioneers of the modern stompbox switching system. Their ingenious G2 model has been used by professionals worldwide — allowing players to easily manage their sophisticated pedalboards by engaging/disengaging multiple effects at once with just a single click!

Daniel Steinhardt (of 'That Pedal Show' fame) along with his engineers at The GigRig have now built a successor for the popular G2 — introducing G3, their latest-generation advanced switching system for guitarists and bassists. G3 Atom is a condensed-down version of the new G3, boasting all of the same great features albeit with 6 effect loops rather than 12. Offering true stereo delay and reverb spillover, 99 banks of presets and Bluetooth connectivity to pair with the new G3 iOS app — you can make this the tone-controlling centrepiece of your setup!

Key Features

  • Exceptional audio with incredibly clean signal path and high headroom.
  • G3 Atom has 6 programmable-true bypass effects loops, each of which can be mono, or stereo via TRS jacks.
  • Up to 99 banks of presets: fully programmed effects combinations with one-touch control.
  • One-touch switching for multiple changes and/or stompbox mode for single pedal on/off.
  • Super bright TFT LCD display with four levels of brightness: name your presets and never be lost!
  • Built-in wet/dry signal splitting: you can send different effects combinations to different amps.
  • Programmable VCA buffer for complete control of signal input level.
  • Stereo programmable VCA amplifier on the output to boost or attenuate your various preset volumes.
  • True stereo delay and reverb spillover, even from analogue effects.
  • Phase reversible, parallel signal paths configured how you choose.
  • Bluetooth connection to the G3 iOS app for software updates and system backups. You can also store and edit setlists and beam directly to G3.
  • Up to 15 separate programmable, mappable MIDI PC and CC messages per preset.
  • 2 expression pedal inputs for real-time control of multiple CC messages with different heel and toe values.
  • Other rig essentials include isolated second output with programmable phase control, dedicated tuner out, tap tempo and remote switching for other devices such as your amp.
  • G3 Extension Kit enables remote switching for effects offstage or back by your amp, stored safely in a case.
  • G3 HUB enables multiple controllers for different stage positions / tech control and so on.