Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter Pedal

Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter Pedal

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Arriving with both analogue and digital delay modes, the Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter Pedal is a multi use delay pedal.

Multi Delays

The analogue delay features a warm and balanced natural delay using actual analogue circuitry.

The digital delay offers a more modern sounding delay with longer delay up to 1500ms. And a modulation speed control offers up increased features for the performance.

An extremely versatile delay pedal that works for a lot of musical styles.

Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter Pedal Key Features:

  • Controls: Mix, Feedback, Depth, Speed, Delay Time
  • Switches: Effect on/off, Tap/Oscillation on (press and hold), Analog/Digital, Modulation On/Off, Inst/Line
  • I/O's: Input, Output Input is on the right side. Output is on the left side
  • Delay time: Analog 40ms - 600ms, Digital 40ms - 1500ms
  • Size: 116(W) x 153(D) x 57(H) (mm), 4.6(W) x 6.0(D) x 2.3(H) (inch)
  • Required Current: 200mA@9V
  • Power Supply: External DC 9 volt AC adapter