Ibanez Super Metal Mini Pedal

Ibanez Super Metal Mini Pedal

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How to describe the sound of a SMMINI? Well, this is a pedalboard-friendly version of the classic Ibanez SM9 Distortion, from the Eighties, which was designed to more or less reproduce the sound you’d achieve running two TS9 TubeScreamers in chain – a particularly popular setup among many heavy rock guitarists in the 1980s.

A compact version of the classic SM9 Distortion from the 80s.

The original TS9 had a JRC 4558D chip, which gave it its sought-after tone. The SM9 (and now the SMMINI) feature two JRC 4558D chips!

In short - the new SMMINI "Super Metal" is the best choice if you're looking for a compact and affordable distortion suitable for heavy rock!

  • Edge, Punch, Drive, Attack and Level controls
  • True Bypass
  • Power Supply: External AC adapter AC509(sold separately)