Jackson Audio Prism Buffer Boost Preamp EQ and Overdrive Pedal

Jackson Audio Prism Buffer Boost Preamp EQ and Overdrive Pedal

Jackson Audio
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With a boost, buffer, EQ, and overdrive, the Jackson Audio PRISM is a one-stop-shop for achieving great guitar tone.

EQ Shaping

The PRISM features an active EQ that allows you to boost/cut high or low frequencies by +/-15 dB. The Tone control allows you to adjust the treble frequencies while the Body control shapes the bass frequencies. These two controls are totally separate so adjusting the treble frequencies will have no effect on the bass frequencies and vice versa.

Preamp, Boost, and Overdrive

The PRISM features a Pre Gain switch and a Circuit switch. The Pre Gain switch adjusts the gain from Low for maximum clean headroom through to High which gives you a heavy amount of break up for searing lead tone. There’s also the circuit switch which changes between three boost circuits, each with their own distinct character. You can also adjust the level of boost via the Boost knob. The three circuits are:

  • Color – A vintage silicon treble booster style boost that’s perfect for Queen style rhythm and lead tones.
  • AMP – A MOSFET boost that recreates the character and response of a valve amp pushed into overdrive.
  • TRANS – An ultra transparent 18V powered JFET boost circuit for boosting your volume without colouring your tone.


The PRISM is a true bypass pedal in the sense your tone will not be affected by the pedal when not in use. However, instead of a mechanical true bypass, the PRISM uses relays for greater reliability. At the end of the PRISM is a built-in buffer that strengthens your signal to ensure your tone is maintained even on pedalboards with long signal chains. 


  • Boost, Buffer, Preamp, EQ and Overdrive pedal 
  • ±15 dB Active 2-band EQ
  • 3 discrete Boost circuits, each with distinct voicings and 3 levels of gain 
  • Perfect as a preamp, always-on or to give that extra push to gain sounds
  • Small footprint 
  • Top-mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Relay-powered True Bypass
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.875"
  • Powered by 9-18 V DC PSU (center -, 2.1 mm, ~ 10 mA current draw)