JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Bender Fuzz Pedal

JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Bender Fuzz Pedal

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JHS Pedals presents the Legends of Fuzz range! The Bender is a faithful homage to one of four legendary fuzz pedals that shaped the gritty guitar tones of rock 'n' roll glory days.


Rock music changed forever in 1965 all thanks to the invention of the legendary Tone Bender stompbox. The Bender recreates the incredible vintage style effect for the modern day player.

It's modelled after a particularly rare 1973 MK3 “Onomatopoeia” Tone Bender supercharged by three germanium transistors. Fans of Led Zeppelin, Beatles, David Bowie and My Bloody Valentine tone will find the Bender's crunchy warmth extremely familiar.


The end result is a pedal capable of the satisfying response of a germanium fuzz with the consistency of silicon transistors. You can't go wrong with the three dials comprising of volume, tone and attack. Tone sweeps between a bright and dark voicing, while attack controls the amount of distortion.

The added mode button swaps the original tone to that of a special modified JHS sound. This boosts the mid frequencies and loads on the gain. There's also a slight gated effect coming into play when you increase the attack.