JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Smiley Fuzz Pedal

JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Smiley Fuzz Pedal

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JHS Pedals presents the Legends of Fuzz range! The Smiley is a faithful homage to one of four legendary fuzz pedals that shaped the gritty guitar tones of rock 'n' roll glory days.


The Fuzz Face needs little introduction. This is the pedal that shaped the tone of none other than Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, as well as David Gilmour, Eric Johnson and Jack White decades on. The circular pedal was equipped with silicon transistors in 1969 and Jimi preferred the more aggressive bite and consistency. 

Clear, defined and full of distortion-like sustain, the Smiley is an exceptional tribute to the iconic stompbox. It has been inspired by several iteration's of Arbiter's silicon designs.


You can't go wrong dialling a tone into the Smiley. The simple volume and fuzz control layout captures the essence of the original vintage pedal. On the side of the pedal you'll find a JHS modded circuit button, delivering searing high gain, slightly gated lead tones.