Jim Dunlop EP101 Echoplex Preamp Pedal

Jim Dunlop EP101 Echoplex Preamp Pedal

Jim Dunlop
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Despite the Echoplex name, this is NOT a one knob delay pedal! Whilst based on the original Echoplex, this pedal is actually a preamp pedal with 11dB of boost that warms up and rounds out your tone. It's the kind of pedal that that you'll soon want to leave on as part of your essential tone.

Recreating the Echoplex Sound

Some of the most tone fanatical guitarist have discovered that there is something magical about plugging into an original Echoplex circuit. Whilst the echo itself was good, the real beauty of the pedal was how the circuit itself changed and shaped the guitar tone. Soon the EP-3 made its way onto the records of top players like Jimmy Page, Gary Moore, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Johnson. Dunlop have now taken that circuit to create a dedicated preamp drive in a compact pedal to fit onto your pedal board.

The EP 101 recreates the magical tone-shaping ability of the original echoplex by recreating the same signal path complete with a Field-effect Transistor (FET) so that you get the same response. The Pedal has a single gain control knob that offers up to +11dB of boost, with light asymmetrical clipping at higher settings for some natural grit when you push it hard.

Road Ready

The Echoplex Preamp runs on standard 9-volt power and contains power management circuitry to guarantee constant headroom performance throughout the normal life of a 9-volt battery. With a heavy-duty Phase 90-sized housing, a replica EP-3 knob, true bypass switching and a status LED, the Echoplex Preamp is built to take a beating on the road so you can leave your fragile vintage piece at home.


  • Preamp and gain boost pedal for electric guitar
  • Based on the input stage of the Echoplex EP-3, with the exact same signal path
  • Add up to 11dB of gain to your sound, with warm overdrive at higher settings
  • Powered via 9V battery or optional adapter (sold separately)
  • Keep your tone intact with True Bypass switching