KMA Machines Mandrake Octo-Shrieker Octave Pedal

KMA Machines Mandrake Octo-Shrieker Octave Pedal

KMA Machines
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KMA Machine’s goal was to create the most flexible analogue upper octave pedal ever yet produced. The Mandrake brings an even more robust and present upper octave to the sonic table. By combining the upper-octave tonal power with a versatile & simple to use interface, the pedal provides a ton of killer tonal options in a small sized pedal, so are you able to fit it onto your board easily.

Octave up pedals (as used by so many legendary performers including Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Josh Homme, Billy Corgan, Jack White and so many more), can really give added bite to your sound. The Mandrake has introduced a 2nd order Low-Pass Filter, a TIMBRE and individual Mix controls to KMA’s well-regarded circuit to make it way more versatile in a single pedal.


The FILTER control helps to tame your upper harmonics, as well as to improve tracking, letting you achieve unhinged, cutting and shrieking mayhem when the control is fully turned all the way to the left. While turning the knob in the other direction gives a more mellow and blooming synth-like texture.

The DRY and OCT+ controls allow the dry signal and effected upper octave to be mixed independently, for precise tonal balancing. This is especially handy when using MANDRAKE together with other dirt pedals or when you just want to retain the natural body and attack of your instrument.

Key Features

  • Simple to use settings – Dial in your tone with ease with the variable TIMBRE and FILTER controls
  • Robust & Present Sound - Discrete transistor-based fuzz, with enhanced rectification circuit topology. This gives you a more robust and present upper-octave.
  • Filter Selection - Active, pre-gain 2nd-order filter section, designed to perfectly prepare any instrument's signal for octaval tones.
  • Independent Mix controls - Precisely balance both the effected and dry signals


  • True Bypass silent relay-based soft switching
  • Power by opt. 9 V PSU (9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, >30 mA max. current draw)