KMA Machines WURM 2 High-Gain Distortion

KMA Machines WURM 2 High-Gain Distortion

KMA Machines
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I mean, of course I've got this in stock. Embrace the unquenchable rage of the Wurm.

WURM 2 Refine the Terror from Below

Slithering across the ravaged landscape, the behemoth advances. With each thrust, the beast drags thousands of years of grinding grief and mauling malice that’s ready to be unleashed upon the world yet again. There is no escape. You either stand in its path and get torn asunder or join the legendary beast, receiving the blessing of its dark distorted powers and sawing sonic screams. The choice is easy. All hail the mighty WURM!

With our WURM Distortion pedal, KMA Machines brought you a highly regarded, yet unabashed sonic love letter to the legendary filthy ‘doom and gloom’ distortion sound of the original Boss HM2 MIJ pedal, taking it much further and pushing the envelope of how destructive it could be. Adorned in an iconic black and orange colour-scheme reminiscent of its inspiration, WURM 2 takes the essential ingredients of KMA’s now classic pedal, adding the ability to switch between EQ settings right on the front of the pedal. In addition, we squeezed it into a smaller and more pedal board friendly enclosure with top mounted jacks, improved the electronics and enhanced it with relay-based silent switching, all helping to make WURM 2 a more flexible metal-distortion pedal than ever before.

Here's the Tech Specs

• High-Gain Metal Distortion pedal • Modern take of the classic and now sought-after original Boss HM2 MIJ • Wide range of metal-distortion tones - from chainsaw, to plain evil and gritty • Highly configurable 4-band active EQ • 3 distinct types of EQ frequency controls to tailor your tone - now accessible on the front • Compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks - will fit into any setup • True Bypass, with silent relay-based soft switching • Handmade in Berlin, Germany • Powered by opt. 9 V PSU (9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, 50 mA current draw)