Line 6 DL4 MkII Delay Modeller Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

Line 6 DL4 MkII Delay Modeller Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

Line 6
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An absolutely immaculate, boxed example of Line 6's incredible MKII DL4Delay Modeller. All the joy of the original DL4 but with soooooo much more.

The DL4 MkII is an updated version of Line 6's classic DL4 Delay Modeller pedal. Offering all the sounds and functionality of the original, the MkII has been rehoused in a smaller, lighter chassis and loaded with a bunch of new features!

Boasting an incredible array of sounds, from tube driven tape loop echoes (complete with adjustable wow and flutter), to 24 bit squeaky clean digital delays, the DL4 MkII is an all-encompassing delay modeller that will have you covered whatever style you play! With 30 delay options on hand, including 15 brand new models drawn from Line 6's HX® family of effects processors, the DL4 MkII gives you access to some of the most sought after delay pedals of all time. Between the EP-1 Tube and EP-3 Solid State Echoplex units to the Space Echo and Deluxe Memory Man, the DL4 MkII may just be the last delay pedal you ever need!

The DL4 MkII is completely programmable over all aspects of the sound, making it a valuable tool both in the studio and on stage. Incredibly simple to use and amazingly powerful, the DL4 MkII includes 2 loopers with up to 240 seconds of looping time, which can be increased with an optional mircoSD card. With full MIDI connectivity, the DL4 MkII works seamlessly with pedalboard switching systems for complete rig flexibility and the addition of an XLR dynamic microphone input allows for vocal processing and looping too!

Key Features

  • Identical knob and footswitch layout as the original DL4
  • 30 Delay options: 15 MkII plus 15 Legacy DL4 
  • 2 Loopers—mono/stereo and pre/post signal path options 
  • Up to 240 seconds of looping time, or several hours (with optional microSD card) 
  • XLR dynamic microphone input for vocal processing and looping 
  • MIDI In, Out/Thru DIN connectors—receives PC and CC messages 
  • 128 Presets via MIDI, with footswitch control of up to six 
  • Switchable true, buffered, or DSP bypass 
  • Input for optional expression pedal or two additional footswitches