Line 6 Pod Go Modelling and Multi-Effects Pedal

Line 6 Pod Go Modelling and Multi-Effects Pedal

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The Line 6 Pod GO Modelling and Multi-Effects Pedal is an all-in-one, tonal titan. Featuring an ultra-lightweight build, premium sounds and an easy-to-operate, plug-in-and-play architecture — this compact sonic workstation will no doubt become an essential cog in your current guitar rig!

Inspiring, High-Quality Sounds

Packed inside the robust housing, you'll find a range of exciting sounds to draw on. Professional-grade effects, amps and cab models have been derived from the renowned Line 6 HX family of processors; resulting in superior tones across the board. And if this isn't enough, it's also possible to load in your own custom, third-party speaker cab impulse responses — opening up even more creative options when it comes to tailoring your tone.

Record Direct to Your DAW

A USB audio interface has been built into the Line 6 Pod Go, allowing you to record directly to your favourite DAW on your laptop or desktop computer. Your playing will be captured in excellent detail, thanks to a 4 x 4 24-bit/96kHz architecture.

Simple, Intuitive Workflow

The interface and controls themselves have been streamlined across the board, making your workflow incredibly simple, yet intuitive. You'll literally be able to just plug in your guitar and play — there's no annoying initial set up required here whatsoever!

Control, edit and select your sounds using a combination of the multi-function expression pedal, eight footswitches, five push encoders and large LCD display. You can even hook up a pair of external foot switches or a second expression pedal for further command over your tone.

Key Features

  • Recording and re-amping made possible thanks to a 4-in/4-out 24-bit/96kHz audio interface.
  • Easily connects to your amplifier using 4-cable method.
  • TRS expression pedal/dual footswitch input.
  • Stereo effects loop for seamless integration with your favourite external effects pedals.
  • Tweak your effects and amp settings using just your feet, with the 'Pedal Edit Mode'.
  • Simple backup and preset editing via the free 'POD Go Edit' app.
  • Swap between your desired tones (without sound dropping out) using the 'Snapshots' function.
  • Increase your cab library by loading in custom, third-party cabinet impulse responses.
  • Easily reference which kind of effect is currently active using the colour footswitch LEDs.
  • Bright, 11cm colour LCD screen displays key information in an easy-to-consumeway.
  • Lightweight, highly-portable design for easy transportation to rehearsals, gigs and recording sessions.
  • Streamlined set of controls makes enhancing your tone easy.
  • Superior performance provided by premium-grade cab, amp and effects models derived from the award-winning Line 6 HX processors.
  • Headphone jack allows for silent experimentation and practice.