Meris Mercury 7 Reverb Pedal

Meris Mercury 7 Reverb Pedal

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Broaden your reverb horizons with the Meris Mercury7. Rarely do you ever find a reverb pedal with so much depth and experimentation to be had. This is the ultimate creative tool at your feet.

Inspired by the legendary Blade Runner ‘80s dystopian soundtrack, the Mercury7 is at home performing shoegaze ambience. Let it guide you into warping, cavernous sound, or use it to bring other effects to life.  

About Meris

Meris are a boutique guitar pedal company at the forefront of artistic sound design.

The Californian-based brand consists of three tonal masterminds behind the direction of their incredible pedals: Angelo Mazzocco, a DSP engineer; Jinna Kim, creative director and Terry Burton, founder and engineer.  

They treat each of their pedals as individual instruments, equipping them with expansive sets of parameters. You can shape the sound from your Meris pedal into something completely unique to your style. 

Sound & Controls

Engineer Angelo says: “I get inspired every time I hear Vangelis’s use of reverb on the original Blade Runner soundtrack. It never gets old. I designed the Mercury7’s algorithms to bring those same extra long decays and lush modulated reflections to the pedal world.”

There’s a unique, ethereal presence to the Mercury7 you would never have heard from another effects pedal. 

Choose between two general settings: the modern sounding Ultraplate fresh plate reverb with a fast build, and Cathedra, a massive slow build tidal wave of cacophony. 

As with all Meris pedals, there are two layers of controls – one hidden with the Alt button. At face value, you have access to standard Space Decay, Mix, Modulation depth and Hi and Lo Frequency filters. 

Select a pitch interval using Pitch Vector from six options to vary your sound. Take things even further by tweaking when holding down Alt. This allows changes to the likes of modulation speed, reverb entry time, attack time for the swell envelope and a haunting trail of vibrato. 

Swell your sound at dramatic moments using the second footswitch. Add an expression pedal to potentially alter every parameter at once.

Connectivity & Utility

Meris are at the forefront of pedal design, incorporating MIDI into the control system. This is the best way to get the most out of your effects. Built into the pedal are 16 MIDI presets for you to experiment with your sound seamlessly in preparation. 

The pedal is equipped with stereo ins and outs for panning effects. Great for live use with PA systems, multiple cab setups, drum machines or sequencers.

You have the ability to select true bypass switching or buffered signal to suit your rig. A great pedal to add into long signal paths. There’s also a switchable output headroom level to accommodate for guitars, synths or to keep at line level. 


  • Premium quality 24 bit A/D and D/A
  • 32 Bit floating point DSP hardware
  • -115 dB Signal to Noise Ratio (typical)
  • Premium low noise Analog signal path throughout
  • Auto Swell Envelope (variable and foot-switchable)
  • Analog Devices JFET input circuitry
  • Wet/Dry signal mix occurs in the Analog domain
  • Selectable True Bypass (Relay) or Analog Buffered Bypass/li>
  • Durable transparent blue powder coat over brushed aluminum
  • Current draw < 150 mA
  • Dimensions – 4.25″ wide, 4.5″ long, 2″ tall
  • Power supply not included