Mooer Macro 8 Output Pedal Power Supply

Mooer Macro 8 Output Pedal Power Supply

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Treat your pedals to some power. The Mooer Macro 8 Output Pedal power Supply is capable of fulfilling all your pedal power needs. With a whopping eight outputs, you'll be able to plug up to eight pedals into this machine. There's seven regular 9V outputs for 9V pedals, with three at 200mA and four at 400mA. There's also a super handy adjustable 200mA output, which can be set at 9V, 12V, 15V, or 18V. This makes it stand apart from other power supplies, and it means you can use virtually any pedal with it.

The lifeblood of your pedalboard. Offering classic Mooer standard build quality and a high level of durability, you'll feel comfortable putting this amongst your beloved pedals. It has eight blue LEDs which shine out when switched on, and also add a nice aesthetic to your board. With reliable electronics, you can be sure that it will always hold up and perform, which is essential for live shows. Power your pedals to perfection.


  • Power Supply: 230V (220V-240) With 115V (110V-120V) Switch
  • AC Output Voltage: Four Parallel 9V Output Power Lines, One Adjustable Output Power Line (9V, 12V, 15V, 18V) (Centre Minus Plug)
  • DC Output Voltage: Three Independent Output Power Lines
  • Current Draw: Four Output Lines, Each One Outputs 200mA Independently. The Other Four Output Lines Cannot Exceed 400mA Output In Total
  • Dimensions: 165mm(D)×83mm(W)×52mm(H) Weight: 1.12kg