Old Blood Noise Endeavours BL-82 Chorus Variable-Clock Effector

Old Blood Noise Endeavours BL-82 Chorus Variable-Clock Effector

Old Blood Noise Endeavors
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Old Blood Noise Endeavours are back at it again. Thought you didn't like chorus? Think again.

Seeking to unapologetically tear apart the definition of a chorus pedal, Old Blood Noise Endeavors have created the BL-82 Chorus. An ode to delay time, this is a device with a variable clock control to shift between recognizable shimmering chorus and chaotic modulated delays.

Two delay lines, modulated by opposite synchronized LFOs, are combined in parallel and the timing of the delay lines, as well as the speed and depth of the LFOs, are all determined by one tactile slider. This allows you to instantly open up the modulated floodgates on the fly and go from well-known waves, to deeply unknown oceans of sound.

Main Features:
• Chorus Effects pedal
• Creates chorus and flanger like sounds by use of two modulated delay lines with
opposite synchronised LFOs
• Simple, yet interactive control layout – for immediate tactile experience and to encourage experimenting
• Clock slider - changes the effect from fast and high-fidelity to slow and degraded
• Feedback knob - enhances the intensity of the chorus/increase the amount of delay repeats
• Wet/Dry mix control
• Soft-touch bypass switching
• Pedalboard friendly size
• Made in the USA
• Powered by 9V DC PSU

(centre -, 2,1 mm, ~110 mA current draw)

BL-82 is a chorus pedal, technically. It creates a swirling shimmery sound somewhere between chorus and flanger from a mono instrument signal. Its two delay lines are stretchable, and that’s where the pedal’s genre blurs from chorus into modulated delay into trailing pitch bending uncertainty.

The control set for BL-82 is dead simple. A Clock slider sets the timing of the entire system. The sample rate that determines signal fidelity, the centre delay time and the speed of the delay modulation are all affected as the slider slides. The interface is rounded out with feedback, volume, and mix add to an immediate experience that breaks open the boundaries of what it means to be a chorus and allows
you to further craft the undulations of this mesmerizing device.