Raygun FX Booster

Raygun FX Booster

Raygun FX
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Raygun FX – Vintage Guitar Booster pedal.

New for 2015, the updated Guitar Booster!
Useful for solo boosts, heavier/louder sections, or even to pump up your clean sound, also great for driving a tube amp into natural overdrive!


  • 9v DC powered
  • Use with Guitar, Bass or keyboard!
  • Has a punchy ‘tube’ like quality, could be used as a pre-amp to warm up a dull guitar sound
  • Give some life to quiet pickups
  • One knob ‘Boost’ control
  • Small enclosure size 1590B (110mm x 60mm x 35mm)
  • Hand made in the UK
  • True Bypass
  • Vintage style control knobs