Rotosound RB40 Nickel Bass Guitar Strings

Rotosound RB40 Nickel Bass Guitar Strings

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Rotosound are one of the most established string brands in the game. Since the 50s, they have been at the forefront of guitar and bass string technology, experimenting with their construction and using a number of different materials in order to give players the best tones possible.

The RB40 Nickel Bass Guitar Strings are known for their bright and lively sound. Retaining that essential low-end bellow, these balanced-sounding strings have crisp highs that can penetrate a mix with ease. Ideal for a number of styles, the low 40-100 gauge of this particular set provides you with a light feel for excellent playability, giving you plenty of dynamic range and expression. 


  • Nickel on steel round wound
  • Long scale
  • Long life
  • Finest quality materials
  • British made
  • String Gauges: 40, 60, 80, 100