RYRA Klone Overdrive Boost (Sea Foam Green) - (Pre-Owned)

RYRA Klone Overdrive Boost (Sea Foam Green) - (Pre-Owned)

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A killer sounding example of the RYRA Klone Overdrive Boost, with a couple of minor chips to the top side as can be seen in the photo. No velcro on the bottom, sounds literally identical to a $5000 Klon. Don't be a fool, buy this instead.

RYRA (Rock Your Repaired Amp) are a small boutique pedal company that hand build the Klone pedal using the best components. Overdrive pedals are designed to emulate the overdriven valve amplifier, the RYRA Klone does this in a very natural way with creamy sustained notes and warmth. I hear you say, Klon Centaur', well here we have the RYRA Klone built by Shane Logan in the USA.

Every "Klone" pedal that leaves the Rock Your Repaired Amp shop is handcrafted using the best components and craftsmanship that is available in the industry.


Controls: Gain, Treble, Output
Power Supply: 9V Power Supply Required
Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.18"
Buffered Bypass