SolidGoldFX Lysis MKII Polyphonic Octave Fuzz Modulation Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

SolidGoldFX Lysis MKII Polyphonic Octave Fuzz Modulation Pedal - (Pre-Owned)

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An absolutely immaculate example of the Solid Gold FX Lysis MKII Fuzz, Octave and Modulation. A truly versatile beast with everything on tap from classic 60's modulated fuzz tones all the way to crushing doom obliteration. Chance's are if you're after a fuzz with some extra bells and whistles, this'll do what you're after. Ships in it's original box, which is also immaculate.

The Lysis MKII Polyphonic Octave Fuzz Modulator from SolidGoldFX is a unique pedal that turns your guitar signal into a swirling, sweeping vortex of synthesiser like sounds! Building on the foundation of the original Lysis design, the MKII pushes the envelope even further by combining fuzz, octave shifting and filter sweeping.

The idea behind the Lysis MKII was to bring together the world of stringed instruments with that of synthesisers by applying thick, resonant filters, multiple polyphonic voicings and sweeping LFO’s. Add to that, an all analogue, square-wave fuzz and suddenly, you're in uncharted sonic territory with unlimited possibilities! 

The Lysis MKII is build around a discrete FET preamp and high gain fuzz circuit, as well as SolidGoldFX's unique digital polyphonic voice and filter generator. The signal is then fed back into a transistor output stage giving you the benefits of both analogue and digital signal processing.

Main Features:

  • Octave Fuzz Pedal with LFO ramping/breaking modulation
  • Discrete analog square wave fuzz circuit with FET preamp
  • Polyphonic pitch shifting - delivers octave down, octave down/up and octave down/fifth voicings
  • Selectable HP/LP filters with adjustable resonance
  • 3 waveform modes (triangle, sine, square) with 11 presets each - for a total of 33 modulation settings
  • Tap Tempo control with speed ramping & LFO braking
  • Soft touch true bypass switching
  • Expression/CV control assignable to any parameter via internal DIP switches
  • Top-mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Hand-made in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by a regular 9 V DC PSU (centre -, 2,1 mm, ~60 mA current draw)