Source Audio Nemesis Delay ADT Pedal

Source Audio Nemesis Delay ADT Pedal

Source Audio
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The Nemesis Delay ADT pedal takes everything about the first version and makes it even better. Featuring all three of the original modes and tones that made the first one so great, this second iteration includes a dry analogue signal path to reach new sonic heights. The analogue dry mode produces 100% of your guitars pure tone signal and allows you to add the specific delay setting of your choice.

Loaded Presets

With 100 loaded factory presets, you can easily discover and play the exact tones you’re searching for without your experience being too fiddly. Through the Nemesis Delay ADT’s intuitive interface, you can access an up to date collection of delay effects that are compatible with over 1,000 Neuro user presets that were created for the first Nemesis Delay pedal.

12 Delay Engines

The 12 delay modes give you a wealth of choice when it comes to discovering the sonic palette that suits you best. Featuring Slapback, Digital, Diffuse, Analogue, Tape, Noise Tape, Shifter, Helix, Reverse, as well as new engines to this updated version; Resonant, Oil Can, and Dum Echo. With the Nemesis Delay ADT pedal, you have the world of delay effects at your feet to be expressive and creative with your soundscapes.

Key Features

  • Analogue Drive Through Signal Path – Preserves 100% of your guitars dry signal, to produce an unfiltered and unprocessed signal that you can run alongside a selected delay effect from the Nemesis Delay ADT.
  • 12 Delay Engines – Each delay engine gives you a breadth of soundscapes to play through, with three new effects: Resonant, Oil Can, and Dum Echo.
  • 100 loaded Factory Presets – Easily access a whole host of presets, with 8 presets available through the onboard controls, and many more to be accessed via MIDI to give you the most up to date presets created by Source Audio and other users alike.


  • Includes 9v DC power supply (300mA / Negative Tip)
  • Includes 1/8” to 1/4” cable for Neuro Mobile App connection.
  • Power Consumption — 200mA
  • USB port — Connects to Mac or Windows PC for MIDI control of firmware updates.
  • Brushed Anodized Aluminium Housing
  • Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs)
  • Weight: 1 lb./0.45 kg