Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS12 Pedal Power Brick - (Pre-Owned)

Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS12 Pedal Power Brick - (Pre-Owned)

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Near immaculate, boxed example of the Truetone 1 SPOT Pro CS12 Pedal Power Brick with all it's cables.

The Truetone 1 Spot Pro Power Brick is one of the most trusted standard 9v power supplies around. Now it is back and bigger than ever in a refereshed Pro CS12 version with 12 fully isolated outputs and voltage options to support almost any kind of pedal.

Power Options

While there are power supplies that have as many outputs as the CS12 not many have the same range of voltages. You have a pair of 18V DC outputs, 4x 9V DC outputs, 4x 9V/12V DC Outputs as well as a single variable 4v-9v output and finally a 9v AC output for thost tricky pedals that most power supplies do not support. That is 12 possible pedals. Even if you are just using 9V DC pedals you can still use 9 of the different slots out ofthe box!

Built To Last

Built in to a large metal casing this power supply is going to last on your pedalboard for a long time. This is one part of your rig that you really don't want to fail as fiding a replacement while at a gig and getting everything wired is never going to be easy with stage lights blasting on you.


  • 12 fully isolated outputs
  • 5 voltage options provide power for virtually any effect pedal
  • Variable 4-9Vdc, 12 Vdc, 18 Vdc, 9Vdc and 9Vac
  • Designed with cutting-edge technology, not just transformers
  • Noiseless operation with far more power
  • Includes brackets for mounting under Pedaltrain pedalboards
  • Cables and converter plugs included
  • Switchable Worldwide Input Voltage