Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus Pedal

Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus Pedal

Walrus Audio
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The Julia V2 is a glorious analogue chorus and vibrato that adds movement and luscious intensity to your standard clean tone. Flexible to your needs, the Julia provides a pureness you just can’t get from similar pedals.


Along with the commonplace rate and depth dials controlling movement and hold over your signal, the Julia V2 includes three unique parameters able to spice things up. Select between sine or triangle waves for a smoother or more abrupt effect, respectively.

Prepared to get a bit seasick with the lag knob. This alters the centre delay time the LFO modulates around. It puts your tone under more tension as it rocks back and forth. And finally is the d-c-v a dry-to-wet blend determining where the Julia crosses the lines from subtle effect into chorus and onto manic vibrato.


New to the V2 are soft switching capabilities, momentary activation by pressing and releasing the bypass and top-mounted jacks, allowing easier incorporation into a pedalboard. The updated artwork also looks killer!

Key Features​

  • Control elements: rate, depth, lag, d-c-v, wave-shape
  • “Lag” sets the voicing of the Chorus effect (from smooth/tight modulation to warbling detune)
  • Selectable analog wave-shape: sine, triangle
  • Top mounted input-, output- and power-jacks
  • Soft switch relay bypassing
  • “Smart bypass switching” temporarily activates effect 
  • Works well on bass-guitar
  • 9V DC, 30mA
  • 121 x 66 x 41 mm, 0.27 kg
  • Made in Oklahoma, US