ZVEX Effects Vexter Basstortion Bass Distortion Pedal

ZVEX Effects Vexter Basstortion Bass Distortion Pedal

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Disclaimer, this thing RIPS on guitar too!

The ZVEX Effects Basstortion captures the spirit of the legendary, cranked Ampeg SVT bass amp sound - in an ultra-compact format! Delivering a thick drive tone with an authentic tube-like response, the ZVEX Basstortion growls the harder you dig and reacts extremely well to your playing dynamics.

Ampeg SVT Sound

ZVEX Effects' Basstortion pedal imitates the tonal characteristics of the Ampeg SVT, meaning that its control-set offers a similar level of versatility too.

The Basstortion's 'Drive' knob is extremely flexible, taking you from a barely perceptible tube grind to a bombastic bass crunch - and everything in between! The 'Volume' control is self-explanatory; allowing you to adjust the overall level of the pedal in relation to your base tone (no pun intended).

Ultimate Amp-Like Control

To tweak the shape of the Basstortion's crushing drive sound, the 'Tone' knob gives you plenty of legroom. Affecting the treble frequencies, you can crank this control to add more bite and definition so that your bass carves through the mix. Alternatively, you could dial it down for a rounded, beefier sound.

The 'Bright/Dark' EQ switch lets you influence the Basstortion's sound even more. The 'Bright' mode introduces far more upper-treble content for added clarity. The 'Dark' setting is far tamer and more vintage-like. Both modes interact directly with the placement of the unit's 'Tone' control.


  • Voltage: 9V (Centre Negative), Battery Included
  • Current Draw: 2mA
  • Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH):  4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82"