ZVEX Effects Vexter Double Rock Distortion & Boost Pedal

ZVEX Effects Vexter Double Rock Distortion & Boost Pedal

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The ZVEX Effects Double Rock is essentially a dual-channel distortion pedal that features two 'Box of Rock' circuits within a super-compact enclosure. Dishing out punchy and saturated vintage Marshall tones with lots of rich harmonic content - the ZVEX Double Rock can be configured to offer unique blends of boost and distortion for a wide, uncompromising tonal palette!

Flexible 2-in-1 Design

ZVEX's almighty Double Rock pedal combines two Box of Rock circuits to ultimately form something more versatile than its standalone counterpart. With 'Volume', 'Tone' and 'Drive' controls (like you'd find on the standard 'Box of Rock') for each side, you can set their parameters differently so that, for instance, one channel delivers a low-gain crunch for rhythm playing, while the other offers a searing distortion sound for solos.


But it doesn't end there though. That's because both channels can be switched from their full 'Box of Rock' distortion circuits to milder boost modes! The boost circuits are taken from ZVEX's popular 'Super Hard-On' pedal, which is a powerful yet ultra-transparent preamp that provides plenty of additional volume.

Mix & Match

With its incredibly versatile configuration, this means that you can set up the ZVEX Double Rock to have 2 distortions, 2 boosts, boost into distortion, or distortion into boost. Use any combinaton of these to create anything from a tight, boosted distortion sound to thick high-gain sludge with both distortion channels engaged. It's entirely up to you!

Flexible 'SUBS' Switches

To give you further control over the sound of each channel, the ZVEX Double Rock's 'SUBS' contour switches allow you to shelve any unwanted low-end flab with three distinct settings. Mode 1 is the most extreme, taking away lots of rumble for a focused drive sound. Mode 2 allows more low-end into your signal for extra fullness, while mode 3 gives you "everything". 

Please Note: The 'SUBS' functions only work when using the distortion modes.


  • Voltage: 9V (Centre Negative), Battery Included
  • Current Draw: 2mA
  • Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH):  4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82"